Upcoming Events
12/28/2017 Air Train Jazz Festival Jamaica Queens
Past Events
11/11/2017 Dark Side of Monk - Performance at the Smithsonian Museum (Washington D.C) ! Smithsonian Museum: The museum is located at 1901 Fort Place, SE, Washington, DC 20020
11/01/2017 Dark Side of Monk - Performance added: One show only in Baltimore An Die Musik - 8pm 409 N. Charles St. Baltimore, MD 21201 Music inspired by Thelonious Monk's obscure masterpieces. with Alon Nechushtan - piano (NY) Matt Aronoff - Bass (NY) Shareef Taher - Drums (NY) Theljohn Allen - Trumpet (Baltimore) Derrick Michaels - Tenor (Baltimore Russel Kirk - Alto Sax (Baltimore) Special Guest: Todd Marcus Bass Clarinet (Baltimore)
10/22/2017 Performers as Composers Salon - at Spectrum Curated by Seth Beusted - Spectrum 70 Flushing Ave Brooklyn 3pm 10$. I excited to have Maria Hadge perfrom my piece 'I will derstroy you for Cello and tape, and Thomas Piercy perform my piece calleed 'RAFT
09/23/2017 Mise En Ensemble (NY/ KOREA) - performs my piece for Cello and Electronics. ENSEMBLE MISE-EN 678 Hart St #1B Brooklyn, NY 11221
09/22/2017 Barge-Music Concert Duet with Clarinetist Thomas Piercy . Address: Brooklyn Bridge Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11201
09/15/2017 Quartet with Brooklyn Music School Ensemble With Duane Eubanks - Trumpet, Jeff Newell - Alto Sax
08/24/2017 special loft Show in Tel Aviv in Trio ! Tel Aviv Loft with Nadav Masel - Bass, Ofer Bymel -Drums
08/20/2017 Duo with Sam Thomas and Assefa City Winery
08/13/2017 A duo with Yacine Boulares (Saxophone) Music Magical Garden, 4pm Lower East Side 530E6th Street. A duet with French-Tounisian Saxophonist and Composer
07/19/2017 Jersey City Piano Festival Jersey City Plaza w/ John Hebert on Bass 6pm
07/02/2017 Trio at City Winery Jazz brunch City Winery 155 Varick Street, Lower Manhattan
06/25/2017 Budapest Show with Alon Nechushtan Trio If Cafe and Cultural Center, with Balazs Horvath - Bass, Czirják Tamás- drums,
06/25/2017 Hungary Tour
06/22/2017 Givatayim Theatre Givatayim
06/21/2017 Levontin 7 Levontin 7 street Tel Aviv 8pm with Gregory Rivkin-trumpet, Hagai Amir - Alto Sax, Lenny Sandersky - Soprano
06/20/2017 Israel Tour
05/21/2017 Solo piano Congragation Tehillah, 4450 Fileldston Avenue, Bronx
05/18/2017 Nicole Burger's Band Jalopy Theatre, Red Hook as part of Aaron Alexander Klezmer series
05/18/2017 Duo with Sam Thomas Jalopy Theatre, Red Hook as part of Aaron Alexander Klezmer series
05/17/2017 Nicole Burger's Brazilian Group Zync Bar 7-9pm Free at the bar, 20$ tables. 82 W 3rd St, New York, NY 10012
05/13/2017 Commissioned trio performance with Joffrey Ballet Composers and choreagraphers riverside Church 7pm (2nd show) with Gianluca Renzi -Bass, Shareef Taher drums Riverside Theatre 91 Claremont Avenue New York, NY 10027
05/13/2017 Premiere: Commissioned Jazz Trio work from Joffrey Ballet riverside Church 3pm with Gianluca Renzi -Bass, Shareef Taher drums Riverside Theatre 91 Claremont Avenue New York, NY 10027
05/04/2017 Middle Eastern Night Brooklyn Music School with the New York Andalus Ensemble
04/02/2017 Duo with Samuel Thomas City Winery NYC with Samuel Thomas: Oud, Sax and more!
03/13/2017 Accompanying Soprano Lucy Shelton Lincoln Center, Helen Room, Part of NY Philharmonic Very Young Composers reading session, with Lucy Shelton -Soprano
03/11/2017 Trio performance - Purim celebration SoapCherie N5 & Bedford Avenue with Shareef Taher - drums, Michael O'brien Bass
03/11/2017 Premiere Performance: Duo with Michiyo Suzuki (Clarinet) Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 3)
03/08/2017 premiere performance: Solo Cello piece for Craig Hultgren Cornelia Street Cafe 6pm along with David Morneau, Mark Zanter, Dan Cooper, Gene Pritsker, Chuck Mason, Craig Hultgren, Ann Warren, Joe Deninzon
03/06/2017 Lincoln Center Performance NY philharmonic Helen Room, Performed by Craig Hultgren-Solo Cello
03/03/2017 Premiere Performance: Composers Concordance Big Band The Cutting Room
03/01/2017 Carroll College, MD Quartet tour Carrol College with Alec Spiegelman, Michael O'brien,Shareef Taher 7pm
03/01/2017 Guest Appearance : Baltimore HomeSlice North Henry Street Baltimore, part of Todd Marcus' Jazz Session
02/05/2017 TALAT @ City Winery Klezmer meets Jazz City Winery with Evan Gregor (Bass), Shareef Taher (Drums) 11am-1:3pm Brunch time
01/08/2017 Apap Shows Hilton MidTown With Ron King (Trumpet) Quartet
01/07/2017 Apap Shows Hilton MidTown With Ron King (Trumpet) Quartet
01/06/2017 APAP shows Hilton MidTown With Ron King (Trumpet) Quartet
12/19/2016 Premiere: Three Pentagrammas for Double Bass and String Quartet Symphony Space: With Ron Wasserman (Double Bass) and The Yeats String Quartet
12/01/2016 Venture Bound Quartet @ Air Train Festival Air Train Festival featuring Colombian drummer Victor Bastidas
11/29/2016 De Pais Project / Victor Bastidas group La National 239 W 14th 8pm 10$
11/20/2016 Duo with Asefa Group City Winery NYC with Samuel Thomas: Oud, Sax and more!
10/28/2016 Live at Yard Bird Suite , (Edmonton-Canada) Edmonton, Canada YardBird Suite Jazz Club with Tamir Shmerling - Bass, Shareef Taher -Drums
10/27/2016 Citlalin Theatre (Pilsen) Citlalin Theatre in Pilsen, Chicago! with Tamir Shmerling (Bass), Shareef Taher (drums)
10/26/2016 Old Town School of Folk (Chicago) Old Town School of Folk in Chicago with Tamir Shmerling (bass), Shareef Taher (drums)
10/25/2016 Canada / Chicago Tour
09/18/2016 City Winery Residency ! City Winery with Evan Gregor (Bass), Shareef Taher (Drums) 11am-1:3pm Brunch time
09/17/2016 Duane Eubanks Quartet Fowler SquareSquare with Duane Eubanks (Trumpet) Quartet
09/11/2016 Nate Sutton Quartet Fowler SquareSquare with Nate Sutton (Trombone) Quartet
08/07/2016 KolturFest festival at City Winery NYC City Winery With Javier Moreno Sachez-Bass , Felix Lecaross-drums
06/19/2016 South American / jewish music Center for jewish history quartet with Roberto rodriguez
06/07/2016 Jazz-Quartet Yale Club with Hery Paz - Saxophone, Evan Gregor- Bass, Felix Lecaross - Drums
06/05/2016 Trio at City Winery City Winery With Pablo Menares, Felix Lecaross
05/28/2016 Alon Nechuhstan Quintet ft. Eubanks Bros - Tribute to Blue Note - Haifa Show Aba Hushi Cultural Center, Haifa
05/27/2016 Alon Nechushtan and Eubanks Bros Quintet - Tribute to Blue Note Records - TLV Museum (2nd Show) Tel Aviv Museum
05/25/2016 Alon Nechushtan quintet Featuring Eubanks Bros - Tribute to Blue Note - Modi'in Einan Hall, Mo'din
05/24/2016 Alon Nechushtan Quintet featuring Eubanks Bros - Tribute to Blue Note Zappa Club - Tel Aviv
05/23/2016 Alon Nechushtan & Eubanks Bros - Blue Note Tribute - Jerusalem, Israel Rebbeca Crown, Jerusalem
05/21/2016 Alon Nechushtan & Eubanks Bros Quintet - Tribute to Blue Note - Rehovoth, Israel Rehovoth Municipal Conservatory
05/20/2016 israeli Tour With Duane and Robin Eubanks
05/01/2016 Europe Tour Wien
04/30/2016 Europe Tour Utrecht
04/29/2016 Europe Tour Tilburg
04/28/2016 Europe Tour Singen
04/26/2016 Europe Tour Ljubbljana
04/24/2016 European Tour with John Zorn's Book of Angels
04/13/2016 premiere: New Work For String Orchestra Tel Aviv Soloist Orchestra
04/11/2016 'Secret Sect' for string orchestra Shrtiker Auditorium, Tel Aviv
04/10/2016 'Secret Sect' - New work for String Orchestra Cfar Shmaryahu
04/09/2016 'Secret Sect' - New work for String Orchestra Haifa
03/24/2016 TALAT @ purim bash Brooklyn Loft with Eden Bareket Baritone Saxophone, Tamir Shmerling Bass, Dan Pugach Drums
03/23/2016 premiere performance '174-517' in memory of Primo Levi for Chamber Ensemble Goaddard Cultural Center part of Composers-Concordance Purim Concert featuring : Mioi Takeda - violin, Olga Terlitsky - violin, David Taylor - bass trombone, Igor Begelman - clarinet, Matt Herskowitz - piano, Taka Kigawa - piano, Laurence Goldman - bass, and Cesare Papetti - drums. The ensemble will be conducted by Thomas Carlo Bo
03/01/2016 Words Beyond Trio Carrol College with Shareef Taher and Tamir Shmerling
03/01/2016 Masterclass: Talat Trio Beth Tfiloh School , MD With Tamir Shmerling Bass, Shareef Taher -drums, Russel Kirk Saxophones
02/27/2016 Premiere: Mosques/Temples A new premiere of music for Tap Dancer Andrew Nemr, will be premierred at Queens College
01/24/2016 Klezmer Series At City Winery City Winery
01/22/2016 puffin Foundation Jazz Series Puffin Cultural Center, NJ with Troy Roberts, Todd Marcus, Evan Gregor, Jon Irabagon, Jay Sawyer
01/17/2016 Hartford Jazz Festival Hartford Public Library with Collin Stranahan, Lars Ekman
01/16/2016 DeerHead Inn Deer Head Inn with Troy Roberts, Todd Marcus, Evan Gregor, Shareef Taher
01/14/2016 Airtrain Festival Jamaica, Queens with Collin Stranahan, Lars Ekman
01/14/2016 Winter tour 2016 CT NY NJ PA
11/10/2015 Trio Sunshine Place, Manila With Jun Viray & Johny Gaerlan
11/09/2015 Jazz Masterclass University of Santo Tomas (UST) Phillipines Consevatory Recital Hall 2 1:30pm
11/08/2015 Jazz and art Festival Phillipines Sunshine Hall, Masterclass and piano performance
11/08/2015 premiere: Trismegistus for Orchestra Phillipines, Asian Composers league Festival
11/06/2015 University of Phillipines, Manila Manila, Phillipines Masterclass and piano performance
11/04/2015 Heyday Lounge, Shanghai-China Heyday Lounge 50 Tai'an Rd, near Xingguo Rd Shanghai, China
11/01/2015 Far East Tour
10/15/2015 Lamed-Aleph-Vav Composition for Chorus Gallery M.C Mdtown New York
10/01/2015 Premiere: 'The Strayhorn Project' Kennedy Center Eisenhour Theatre . With Todd Marcus - Clarinets, Troy Roberts -Saxophones, Alex Norris -Trumpet, Delandria Mills -Guest Flutist, Brad Linde - Guest Alto Saxophone, Evan Gregor - Bass, Ronen Itzik - Drums
09/29/2015 strayhorn revisited concert An die Musik
08/29/2015 Venture Bound Quartet @ live at Levontin7 Levontin 7 Tel Aviv ! With Koby Solomon and Amit Fridman -Saxophones, Simon Starr-Bass, Shahar Haziza-drums, +surprising guests!
07/23/2015 Venture Bound Quartet Cornelia Street Cafe NYC with Troy Roberts Saxophones, Matt Clohesy -Bass, Shareef Taher - Drums
07/14/2015 Brazil Tour - Sao Paolo Sao Paolo, Jazz B with: Igor Pimenta (contrabaixo), Guilherme Marques (bateria), Tércio Guimarães(saxofone) e Amilcar Rodrigues (trompete)
07/12/2015 Brazil Tour - Rio De Janeiro Midrash Center With Lucia Morelenbaum - Clarinet, Alex Buck -Drums, Bruno Aguilar - Bass
07/11/2015 Brazil tour- Savassi Jazz Festival (Saturday) Savassi (BH) with : Wagner Souza (Trumpet), Frederico Heliodoro dos Santos (Bass), Joana Queiroz Viveiros de Castro jClarinet); Alex Buck (Drums); Nik Payton (Reeds) , chris stover (Trombone)
07/10/2015 brasil tour Savassi - Rio - Sao Paulo
07/10/2015 Brazil Tour - Savassi Jazz Festival (Friday) Savassi (BH) with : Wagner Souza (Trumpet), Frederico Heliodoro dos Santos (Bass), Joana Queiroz Viveiros de Castro jClarinet); Alex Buck (Drums); Nik Payton (Reeds) , chris stover (Trombone)
07/05/2015 TALAT @ Back at the City Winery City Winery New York with: Hery Paz (saxophone), Michael Irwin (Trumpet), Pablo Menares (Bass), Felix Lecaros (Drums) BRUNCH TIME: 11am-2pm
06/28/2015 With Samuel Thomas & Asefa Band City Winery New York
06/27/2015 Boston Premiere: 'Duelity' for Violin solo and Animation Mobius 55 Norfolk Street Cambridge, MA
06/25/2015 NY Premiere: 'Duelity' for Violin solo and Animation Music for Animation with Eva Ingolf (Violin) and Nicole Antebi (Animation)
06/21/2015 TALAT @ Talat group - Make Music New York Brotherhood Synagogue with Hery Paz-Saxophones, Mike Irwin-Trumpet, Joe Exley-Tuba, Felix Lecaros-drums
06/20/2015 Venture Bound Quartet @ West Virginia Tour Washington Square, WV with Greg Ward-Saxophone, Michael O'brien -Bass, Vinnie Sperrazza-Drums
06/19/2015 Venture Bound Quartet @ West Virginia Jazz Festival Clarksburg, West Virginia Washington Square, WV with Greg Ward-Saxophone, Michael O'brien -Bass, Vinnie Sperrazza-Drums
06/14/2015 Andalus Orchestra At JCC Manhattan - Rooftop Party ! JCC Manhattan
06/14/2015 Venture Bound Quartet @ Red Hook Jazz Festival Red Hook Jazz Festival with Duane Eubanks- Trumpet, Donny McCaslin-Saxophone, Special Guest: Greg Ward- Alto, Francois Moutin-Bass, Ari Hoenig -Drums
06/01/2015 Cedarhurst Synagogue with New York Andalus Ensemble Cedarhurst Sephardic Center
05/31/2015 Greek-Jewish Festival (NYC) with New York Andalus Orchestra Kehila Kedosha Janina Broom Street, NYC
05/30/2015 Premiere: Formication for Percussion Quartet Goddard Cultural Center Composer Concordance & New Jersey Percussion Ensemble led by Peter Jarvis
05/27/2015 Venture Bound Quartet @ Upper story Upper Story 939 3rd Ave Manhattan 6pm with Shareef Taher, Michael O'brien special guest: Dylan Heany Saxophone
05/21/2015 Venture Bound Quartet @ Live at Ryles, Boston Ryles Jazz Club, Cambridge, Ma
05/17/2015 Venture Bound Quartet @ Live at Metis Artist Series, Little Neck Comminity Church, Little Neck Metis Concert Series: 46-16 Little Neck Parkwy Little Neck, NY
05/02/2015 premiere: To your scattered bodies go for string quartet and dancers Joffrey Ballet School with: Julianna Boehm, Megan Hilands, Ina LItera, Matthew Goeke - Srings
04/25/2015 Premiere: Marinha for Brazilian Sextet Goddard Cultural Center Composer Concordance ensemble including Sebastian Guerrero, Jose Moura
04/23/2015 Premiere: Never touch a poet for Piano and spoken word Dixon Place, Katrina Phillip's dance company
04/07/2015 Live at Antibes Trio Antibes
03/01/2015 City Winery City Winery New York with Ronen Itzik (Drums) Jonathan Greenstein (Sax), Tamir Shmerling (Bass)
01/30/2015 Trio Live at Bohemian Hall Bohemian National Hall 321 East 73rd Street, with Ned Rothenberg - clarinet, Chrisopher Hoffman - Cello
12/31/2014 Israeli Premiere with the Tel Aviv Wind Quintet My piece for Wind Quintet will be premiered with the Israeli based, Tel Aviv Wind Quintet in a special concert in Tel Aviv's Shtriker Conservatory.
12/29/2014 Venture Bound Quartet @ Live at Jazzed up Series Manhattan Childrens Museum
12/18/2014 New Blues for Piano (2007) @ New Piece for RighteousGIRLS & möbius percussion quartet. FIre House Space
12/14/2014 Jazz at lincoln Center Jazz At Lincoln Center, Appel Hall
12/03/2014 New Blues for Piano (2007) @ New piece for 3 pianos Klavierhaus
11/30/2014 Words Beyond Trio (2012) @ City Winery City Winery New York
11/29/2014 New Blues for Piano (2007) @ Nu compositions With Composer Concordance Ensemble Spectrum NYC
11/12/2014 Words Beyond Trio (2012) @ Trio Residency Antibes Antibes
11/06/2014 Trio improvisation A new book of music is written for Nicolas Letman Burtinovich Improvisation series. With Ned Rothenberg- Reeds & Tomas Ulrich -Cello.Spectrum, Ludlow Street, NYC
10/15/2014 Words Beyond Trio (2012) @ Live Trio Antibes
10/03/2014 Venture Bound Quartet @ Is this Jazz Series Providence, RI
09/21/2014 Venture Bound Quartet @ Pizzeria Lauretano Pizzeria Lauretano with Shareef Taher, Edward Perez and Greg Ward.
09/20/2014 Solo piano Neue Gallery - Cafe Sabarsky
09/13/2014 Venture Bound Quartet @ All Jazzed up Manhattan Childrens' Museum Harlem
08/03/2014 Venture Bound Quartet @ ISRAEL TOUR
07/25/2014 Venture Bound Quartet @ Nu Blu Nu Blue (Ave C and 5th) with Francois Moutin and Ari Honeig, Sam Sadigursky and guests!!!
07/16/2014 Westfield DownTown Jazz Festival Westfield DownTown Jazz Festival, NJ
07/13/2014 Venture Bound Quartet @ Chez Hanny Chez Hanny San Fransisco. With Jeff Denson, Paul Hanson & Jeff Mars
07/12/2014 Venture Bound Quartet @ Curveline Space
07/11/2014 Venture Bound Quartet @ Upstairs at Viello's Upstairs at Vitello's 4349 Tujunga Avenue Studio City, CA 91604
07/10/2014 TALAT @ Levantine center Levantine center L.A with Brian Walsh, David Tranchina, Chris Wabich
07/10/2014 Venture Bound Quartet @ WEST COAST TOUR
06/29/2014 Venture Bound Quartet @ An Die Musik - Baltimore An Die Musik, Baltimore with Michael O'brien and Franco Pinna. Special Guests Greg Ward -Sax, Todd Marcus -Clarinets
06/28/2014 Venture Bound Quartet @ Charlottesville Jazz Society residency University of Virginia With Franco Pinna and Michael O'brien
06/21/2014 Venture Bound Quartet @ Turle Bay Music School Turtle Bay Music School with Ronen Itzik, Yoni Marianer, Chad Lefkowitz Brown, Ofer Assaf
06/21/2014 TALAT, Venture Bound Quartet @ Jazz museum of Harlem Jazz Museum of Harlem with Ronen Itzik, Yoni Marianer, Chad Lefkowitz Brown, Ofer Assaf
06/19/2014 Kaufman center, Merkin Hall Kaufman hall -solo piano - private event
06/18/2014 Venture Bound Quartet @ Live at Cornelia Street Cafe | Cd Release Show 8:30pm Cornelia Street Cafe with Donny Mccaslin, Chris Lightcap, special guest: Duane Eubanks
06/14/2014 Venture Bound Quartet @ Fanwood Art Series Fanwood Art Center With Greg Ward, Edward Perez, Shareef Taher
06/11/2014 Venture Bound Quartet @ CD RELEASE DATE
06/11/2014 Words Beyond Trio (2012) @ TRIO ! Antibes residency ! With Alexandre Kautz and Lars Eckman
05/29/2014 Venture Bound Quartet @ Venture bound 4tet Harmony - With Greg Ward II, Michael O'brien, Shareef Taher
05/29/2014 Free improv. Concert Joffrey School of Dance
05/28/2014 Venture Bound Quartet @ Groove on grove jazz series Groove on grove off the grove stop, jersey city 6pm feat. Greg Ward, Shareef Taher, Michael Obrien
04/26/2014 Venture Bound Quartet @ Why Not Cafe Why Cafe
04/19/2014 all about japan Concert Goddard Center , Composers Concordance
04/13/2014 TALAT @ Quintet returns to City Winery City Winery
03/27/2014 Dark Forces (2012) @ CIrcuit Bridges Concert series Gallery MC NYC
03/15/2014 TALAT @ Israeli Mini Festive Festival Tiferet Israel, NYC
02/27/2014 TALAT @ New York Andalus Ensemble New York University
01/05/2014 Quintet returns to City Winery City Winery
12/12/2013 Premiere performance : 'Ancient Landscapes' for Orchestra Einav Center, Tel Aviv
12/08/2013 Composers Concordance Concert Drom
12/07/2013 TALAT @ Solo piano - Steven Wise cultural center Steven WIse cultural center
12/06/2013 Solo Piano - Steven wise Cultural center Steven Wise concert Hall
12/04/2013 Yakov Mayman Quartet JCC Manhattan
11/06/2013 Yiddish Heart - With Frank London's Klezmer Ensemble NYPL Schwartzmen building
10/18/2013 Ritual Fire CD Release Concert @ Fire House Space ! Fire House Space 246 Frost Street
10/16/2013 Baltimore Tour - An Die Musik An Die Musik
10/12/2013 Ritual Fire CD Release Concert #2 Old Fire Space - Northside TownHall Nortside Town Hall
09/22/2013 Trio at caffe Vivaldi Cafe Vivaldi
09/08/2013 Words Beyond Trio (2012) @ Alon Nechushtan Trio - Twins Jazz Club Twins Jazz Club, Washington D.C
08/17/2013 Ritual Fire (2013) @ CD release concert - Tel Aviv levontin 7 Jazz Club
08/04/2013 Emerging Composers Morse Hall, Mannes School of Music, Imani Winds Festival Mannes School Of Music
07/30/2013 Words Beyond Trio (2012) @ Jazz for curious listeners - at the Jazz Museum of Harlem The National Jazz Museum in Harlem 104 East 126th Street, Suite 2D New York, NY 10035 Tel. 212-348-8300, x. 104
06/21/2013 Words Beyond Trio (2012) @ Jazz Museum of Harlem 12:45p - 1:45p | New York, NY
06/20/2013 New Orleans Quartet Aurora, Brooklyn
06/16/2013 Talat at City Winery | Jazz Quartet New York, NY
04/08/2013 Trio with Essiet Essiet The Pierre Hotel - 2 E 61st St