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Alon has won:

The Ascap Plus Award  (2014) for his CD release ‘Venture-boun’      (Enja Records, Germany)

The Independent Music Awards‘ Best Album (2012) for his trio  ‘Words Beyond’ (Buckyball Records)

  • The Puffin Foundation Award (2012) for his composition ‘Souls on Fire’
  • The Liberson Composition Award (2011) for his composition ‘La vida Es Un Pasaje’ for the Israeli Contemporary String Quartet
  • The Brooklyn Art Council Grant for his Compositions for String Quartet and Electronic Tape (2011) comissioned by the NorthSide Town Hall in Brooklyn

The Acum ‘fund for the support of the creation’ for his Dark Forces Suite for Electronics (2011)

  • The America-Israel Cultural Foundation award (1995-2001)
  • The Israeli Composers League Award (2010) for his trio ‘words beyond’
  • The American Music Center ‘Live music for Dance’ Award (2009) for his collaboration with Netta Pulvermacher in the creation of ‘Fold
  • 1st prize in The Rubin Academy of music composition award (2001) for his composition ‘The Garden of Forking Paths’ for String Orchestra conducted by Avner Biron
  • Various travel awards from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Israel for his tours in Japan at the Yokoham Music Festival (2002).