Words Beyond Trio (2012)

Words Beyond Trio (2012)

Alon Nechushtan has created an energetically fused recording for his first trio outing. Alon is joined by one of the few rhythm sections able to immerse and saunter through his original compositions, inspired sometimes by Mendelssohn, sometimes Thelonius Monk or Keith Jarrett. They make it all seem easy and fun, in a trio recording you can dig into for a long time.

Alon Nechushtanpiano
François Moutinbass
Dan Weiss drums

Alon Nechushtan is a talent to watch, with a surfeit of ideas, an unbridled spirit and bold, two fisted sense of architecture – **** stars Michael .F. JacksonDownBeat Magazine

Exceptional camaraderie and engaging performances make Alon Nechushtan’s Words Beyond a trio recording worthy of the most discerning listener. ” John Vincent BarronJazz Review

This is a superb, often hard-swinging and inventive piano trio with its own distinctive sound. The music is tight, spirited and filled with life,  a more perfect piano Trio would be hard to imagine”
Bruce Gallanter, DownTown Music Gallery

Alon Nechushtan’s Words Beyond is worlds beyond where most jazz musicians are willing and able to travel, making this album a worthwhile listening journey. Dan BilawskyAll About Jazz New York

“overall this is a great album, immensely enjoyable and deeply moving emotionally”
Adam BaruchJazzis

“Alon Nechushtan’s melodies and chord voicings retain traces of blues and gospel, though the phrases and forms push the music towards the future” Tom GreenlandThe New York Jazz Record

“Alon Nechushtan’s sparkling technical prowess allows him to swiftly navigate through multitude of styles and the results are revelatory” M.Feigin Jazziz

Alon Nechushtan keeps his notes on their toes as he creates tightly-rung arabesques and vivacious pirouettes with his keys. He has an instinct for organizing purely improvised  energy that requires the audiences’ undivided attention. Susan FrancesJazz Times

A New York resident since 2003, his potent partnership with Weiss and Mouton places a premium on group interplay at the same time it encourages individual solo expression Bill MilkowskiJazz inside

This expressive/progressive jazz pianist like to let it hang in left leaning fashion as you can hear echoes of Monk and progressive Jarrett (without the humming) running through this engaging set that doesn’t really like to acknowledge boundaries. Fun stuff from places you would least expect it and a friendly listen to boot Chris SpectorMidwest Records

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