Alon Nechushtan and his band have toured the world – and they have gathered to create an exciting interactive program for young listeners of all ages, introducing them to the world of Jazz, improvisation and world music, through a global music journey crossing continents.

The musical numbers range from Up beat driven, New Orleans tune ‘Yes Indeed’, sailing into the mediterranean seas with the Andalusian-Sephardic tunes ‘Lamma-Badda‘ and the turkish ‘Uskudar‘, continued with a little more dancy tunes such as ‘Spark Of Love’ from the shore of Greece, continued with the unusual Japanese melodic children’s song ‘Toryantse’.

From there a long sail south to the shores of Africa with pulsating, polyrythmical ‘Bethelehemu’ from Nigeria and up and back to the Americas with the Brazilian grooves of ‘Rosa‘ in the uptempo rhythmic style of the Choro, with a return to New York City and home of the Calypso-latin-jazz of  ‘Music Matador’.

Some of the elements covered in these concerts include: Rhythmic Foundation through stomping, clapping and dancing, introducing worlds’ beats using mixed meter (such Eastern European 7 beat cycle, a Sephardic song in 10 beats Cycle), ‘Musical Chairs’ – spontaneous dancing to the music, ‘comping’ the songs played with the band with handout instruments, switching between two different moods within the songs, learning about the band’s instruments and much more.

Click Below to hear some of these song via the Video Website Vimeo:

1. Lamma-Badda / Uskudar (Sephardic / Turkish)

2. ROSA (Choro / Brazilian)

3. Music Matador / Calypso

4. Yes Indeed (New Orleans / U.S.A) 

5. TorYantse (JAPAN)


7. Betelehemu (NIGERIA)

8. We came to cast darkness (ISRAEL)