Baltimore hit – New Project honoring Billy Strayhorn

Billy Strayhorn Revisited – Celebration of Jazz

I am heading to Baltimore with a lot of great folks playing in my new project, I’ll be there on September 29th at Andie Musik. Come over . For further reading :

I’ll be joined by the fantastic:

Alex Norris – trumpet \Troy Roberts- Saxes\Todd Marcus -Clarinets \Evan Gregor -Bass\Shareef Taher

Special Guests:

Irine Jalenti – Vocals\Delandria Mills- Flute\Russel Kirk – Alto Sax

Tue., Sep. 29, 11 a.m.

409 N. Charles St.
An Die Musik

$15 | 410-385-2638

Downtown | Website

  • Alon Nechushtan Ensemble [new york / israel ] (Featuring Todd Marcus) : Strayhorn Revisited: A Middle Eastern Odyssey of Rhythm, Harmony & Groove – will blend both the sounds of Jazz and the middle east and it’s rich influence over jazz musicians, through a broad periodic narrativic selection of some of Billy Strayhorn’s greatest compositions in that vain. The concert spans an almost 100 year period – from the early Ellingtonian sound of the 20’s to this day. The selected materials include a few of the essential gems from the Far East Suite (such as ‘Agra’, ‘Amad’, ‘Mount Harrisa’), along with Strayhorn’s later drammatic textual driven works such as ‘Sonnet in search of a moor’ & the adaptation of Federico Garcia Lorca’s poem ‘The Flowers Die of Love’ and other chance encounters he had with the gripping influence of the Middle East. The program will conclude by blending my original ‘SoulFulFire’- hommaging my personal inspiration with Billy’s Harmonic gift as a composer and brilliant senes of integrating the middle eastern modes with sophisticated pallete of harmonic structures for improvisation.