Orchestral work – Ancient Landscape

ancient ladnscapes – for Orchestra from alon nechushtan on Vimeo.

Alon Nechushtan

Alon Nechushtan

Alon Nechushtan’s music adventures have brought him to far corners such as the Yokohama Festival Japan with his contemporary compositions, The Sao-Paolo Brazil Music Festival with music for his Quintet, Toronto and Montereal’s with his Jazz Trio and Tel Aviv New Music Biannale with with his Compositions for Large Ensemble. Recent Cds include recordings for Mgn, Future Classics (Netherland), Tzadik (U.S.A), Ayler (Sweden), Creative Sources (Portugal) and Challenge (Germany).


LISTEN: Ancient Landscape for Orchestra
Performed and comissioned by the Tel Aviv Soloist Orchestra; Barak Tal, conductor